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Fruit and Vegetable Provider in Ibiza
para Restaurantes y Particulares

Elegir un buen proveedor de fruta y verdura es esencial para contar con ingredientes de calidad y máxima frescura.

Organic Product

Gone is the belief that organic product is much more expensive and unprofitable for restaurant kitchens.
Today the price is increasingly competitive and, it is added that customers are more satisfied.

Conventional Product

The variety of products demanded is so high that we need to have excellent providers to continue supplying the best product without lowering quality one iota.

The clients of our island are great demanders of local productThe clients of our island are great demanders of local product, due to its flavor, its quality and the support they provide to our local agriculture and culture. That is why, from Flors i Violes, we prioritize the proximity or Km 0 product.

Local Product

Exotic Product

Given the great gastronomic diversity that the island presents, we offer our clients a wide and extensive range of exotic products to respond to the needs of the most demanding and innovative kitchens.

Aromatic Architecture

Aromatic architecture is a concept that was born to help build and make dishes attractive.
For this, edible flowers, micro-vegetables and aromatic plants are used. Each of these elements plays a role in the construction of the plate.


Arma tu pedido con productos locales, bío y/o convencionales y lo llevamos a tu domicilio!


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Patata Blanca de Ibiza

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Patata Roja de Ibiza

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Padrón Pepper

500 gram package

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We are attentive to your particular needs.


Proveemos a profesionales

We are aware of the importance of receiving a genus in perfect conditions of freshness and flavor, but we go one step further. We get involved with your business as if it were just another worker. It is not only about bringing the best product but being in permanent contact to respond to possible eventualities or needs, locate and supply those particular products that are difficult to access or even grow unique varieties for their exclusive use.

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Frutas y Verduras a Domicilio

Desde el principio nos hemos querido adaptar a tus necesidades y por ello hemos creado esta tienda online para llevarte frutas, verduras y otros alimentos de primera necesidad, directamente del campo a tu hogar. Comprar productos locales, bío y convencionales en Ibiza ahora es muy fácil porque hemos separado todo en categorías, con fotografías ilustrativas, precios claros y toda la seguridad informática que necesitas para comprar con confianza.

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Yacht Service

Proveedor para barcos

If you want to surprise your customers with a select and varied range of fresh products, don't hesitate to contact us. Seasonal local fruits, exotic baskets, the best accessories for cocktails, etc. There is nothing better to refresh the stifling summer heat than to enjoy the fresh products of our land. And if you have a chef on board, we also supply him with all the fruit and vegetables you needs for your elaborations.

Schools and Kindergartens

Proveedores para escuelas

The nutrition of our sons and daughters is vital. In these first years of life, the presence of local and quality fruits and vegetables is extremely important, and that they provide the vitamins and minerals necessary for their perfect development, and if these fruits and vegetables are organic much better. This is why we have started a campaign to offer organic products in schools and kindergartens at a special discounted price. Because the health of our sons and daughters is the most important thing and with this there is no negotiation.

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Distinction in your dishes

The nuances of the aromas captivate by the soft natural presence as soon as they settle on your table.
Get an unbeatable first impression with the noble products of our land.

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